Dream while your dental needs are taken care of.

For those children and some adults who need to be asleep for dental work we offer two choices:

Hospital Dentistry is offered at HaysMed. Working with the wonderful Operating Room staff and Anesthesia personnel Dr. Melinda is able to complete procedures on children under the age of 6 years of age or patients who have a medical condition that necessitates a hospital setting.  We have been working with HaysMed since 2000 and completed well over 5000 cases safely with their services.

IV sedation is offered with the services of a liscensed Anesthesia provider in our office.  Our Anesthesia provider allows safe and effective IV sedation in our dental office.  We are able to treat patients age 3 and older with in office IV sedation.  Patients with medical conditions which necessitate a hospital setting would not be a good candidate for this service.