At The Dentist we are committed to your whole family. We welcome all ages 0-99+ even the littlest members of your family are welcome with open arms.  We are not child specialists but we see a lot of children.  We see Adults as well so none is left out. 

We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Dental Association guidelines for timing of the first dental visit and recommend that children be seen by their first birthday.  This Lap to Lap exam is a great introduction for the parent, child and dentist. While not all children are happy during this exam it is crucial to catch problems early! We realize not all dentists like to work with children and know how important those first visits are in developing a strong opinion of going to the dentist.  No child is too challenging, and we have seen it all.  Most kids do better than the parent expects. We are committed to your child's dental well being and will try to make the visit a positive one for you and your child.

What are some dental treatments we do?

Dental Implants - We place Biohorizons name brand implants with Laser-loc technology.  These implants are among the best in the nation.

Crowns - We have Cerec technology and can get your porcelain crown made in as little as a few hours.  We can even do tooth colored crowns for kids teeth.

Fillings - We use a "tooth colored" composite resin filling material. This material bonds (or sticks) to the tooth. The bad part of the tooth is removed along with any cavity and the tooth is cleaned off and a light is used to harden the filling material. These fillings hold up well and have a very natural look. 

Dentures and Partials - We can customize your removable partial or denture with a lot of options.  We have flexable and comfortable options availiable and can pair these with implants for a solid solution.

Root Canal treatment - We remove the infected nerve from the tooth and root area.  A filling material is placed in the canal to seal off the bacteria and allow you to keep your tooth.  A crown is normally needed to protect a tooth with a root canal treatment. 

3D imaging- Using the CBCT cone beam machine we can inspect areas around teeth and really see what is going on.

Silver Diamine Fluoride - One application can help stop the growth of a cavity for a while to delay it's growth.  This FDA approved treatment is great for children who cannot sit for a traditional filling.  It does cause the cavity to turn black but can be covered with a white material to mask the color.  This is a great service for children who cannot cooperate for fillings and allows us to manage the cavities without invasive procedures until they are able to cooperate for treatment.

Stainless Steel Crowns - when a baby tooth is badly damaged it may need a crown. These baby tooth crowns are made of stainless steel and are a silver color. They come in a variety of different sizes. The tooth is shaped to accept the crown and a strong glue is used to keep the crown from coming off. 

Pulpotemy- a pulpotemy is a nerve treatment, like a simple form of a root canal, done on a baby tooth. Usually the tooth has a cavity that is large and is starting to infect the tooth. The diseased part of the nerve is removed and the tooth is treated with a medication to kill any bacteria left. Then a filling material is placed in the hole of the tooth. It is usually recommended that a stainless steel crown be placed over the tooth to protect it from chipping and breaking.

Space Maintainers - when a baby molar tooth is lost early a space maintainer is recommended. A space maintainer holds space for the permanent tooth that is growing down in the bone. Without this space holder the other teeth can crowd out the forming tooth and make it hard for it to fit into it's place in the mouth.

Laser Frenectomy - tongue tied or lip tied.  We provide this service for all ages birth and up.  We provide another option to the scalpel and suture. We use a laser. There is little bleeding, no need for stitches and the healing is fast.  This can be done at any age and for many reasons including: Speech issues, feeding issues, difficulty providing oral care, inability to show top teeth when smiling, and even dentures not fitting well. These are all reasons for this procedure. 

Sealants - sealants are a liquid white or clear filling material that is placed on a cavity free chewing surface on permanent molar teeth to keep bacteria and debris from causing cavities in the top of the tooth. It is painless to apply and should be placed at about age 6-7 and again about age 12-13. Sealants do need to be touched up periodically to keep them in working order.

Sleep retainer - We are happy to make you a sleep retainer if you are diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and will not or can not use a Cpap machine.  We have a take home sleep test machine available if you need to find out how you are sleeping and a relationship with a sleep MD who can review and diagnose the results if needed. 

We offer many more dental services; too many to list.  We are able to help with most of your dental needs.  If you need it done we likely can help you.

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